Thanks for checking out my site!

I'm a Seattle based painter who has spent the last 30 years splitting my professional life between running an African Percussion school (Fremont Drum - and painting on canvas. I mention this because my paintings are very influenced by rhythm and I usually listen to West African music when I paint.

As you move around the site, you will notice that I have divided my work into 5 different categories and that I paint in a variety of styles: 

1.  Personal Mythology - These works are playful, graphic and full of color. They embody my love of animals, music, celebration, ritual, mystery and Nature.

2.  Horizon - These paintings are response to graffiti art. Half the works in this folder are dreamy explorations of shapes floating over a horizon line, the other half a much more painterly look at what happens when a wall is covered with random shapes and colors over time.

3.  Inside Out - I've built up an industrial language of pipes, vents and grids and pasted them together in a free association sort of way to play with concepts of "inside" and "outside", "sacred space" and "liminal space".

4.  Mixed Bag - This category gives me a place to put some of my mini series ("Beach", "Quintet", "Julie", "Rookery"). Also included: a handful of works I created at The Vermont Studio Center over the last few years (The "Lumber" paintings, "Plant Medicine" and the "Arrows" paintings).

5.  Large Works - These large, unstretched canvases are my most musical compositions. Also included: a few of my versions of famous paintings ("Matisse Dance" and "Botticelli's Venus").



Please reach out to me and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from you.


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